What isJust about all internet users have firsthand account of how annoying Spam is; unwanted advertisement or unsolicited email, the door to door salesman of the internet. All those unwanted emails! Unfortunately, it’s here to stay. But have you ever heard of SPIM or SPIT?

If you use IM (Instant Messaging) you just might have been SPIM’ed (Spam over Instant Messaging). It may be more harmful that email Spam. The user is more likely to click on the link because it is real-time. This sneaky intrusion can be very annoying, and to make things worse, it by basses the Anti-Virus and firewalls.

So what to do? First, never make your IM user name and intact information public. Like email Spam, this gives spimmers all your information to send you gifts through your Instant Messaging. Be wary of you Buddy List as well. Nothing is sacred with these pesky spimmers! If it looks suspicious, it probably is even if it seems like a harmless link. Chances are it isn’t. Don’t forget about virus scanner….it will definitely will help in protecting you system against SPIM.

Finally, SPIT (who thinks of these acronyms?) Spam over Internet Telephone. Ok that makes sense but all these new terms in my mental dictionary are causing ringing in my head! But seriously, although it is not as common at Spam or SPIM, it is important to become informed to possible risks to your network even on a small scale. Make sure you use a reputable Service Provider because almost all security issues can be resolved including encrypting all VoIP calls. For added security, software can be installed that prompts a question that has to be answered by a human. It won’t crash your network but as technology expands so will the spimmers and spitters.