Q: Should I host my domain name with the same company that hosts my website? Is that giving them too much control?
A: At Networks Plus we offer both domain name registration and hosting solutions for your website. We strongly recommend that you keep your domain name and hosting together, whether with us or another company for several reasons.

1. It reduces the number of people you need to talk to if there is a problem. It is considerably easier to resolve some problems between the hosting and domain name if the person working on your site has access to both.

2. You only need to pay one company, not two.

3. If you decide you want to change providers, you can take both the domain name and hosting at once. Some companies will purchase your domain name and then not want to give it to you if you decide to leave them. At Networks Plus, we purchase the domain name on your behalf, if you choose to go with another company; we will not withhold your domain name.

It’s important to talk to your company about fees for leaving and who owns the rights to the website design, content and domain name before agreeing to anything.