Every Wednesday we ask our followers on Facebook and Twitter to submit their computer, tech, web, or social media questions for us to answer.

Today, we were asked, “I have a question, what is the best AntiVirus software and how do you know if its up to date?

This is an extremely common question and a great concern for all computer owners.
But before you run to Staples or Best Buy to pick up one of the many virus protection programs on the market, for example – Norton or McAffee, there are a few things you should know.

Jerry responds:

“There are no 100% effective antivirus products. The primary reason is that Antivirus is reactionary software.
When they see a virus, they update the cure. It’s a cat and mouse game and the mice are winning!

N+ usually recommends one of the free products such as AVG, Avast! or Mircosoft’s Security Essentials.
But be careful, as there are many phony Antivirus programs out there.

Most products, paid or unpaid, have auto update and auto scanning capabilities.

Avast! is the favorite among the members of the web department, but IT continues to support AVG.
Either is great… always go FREE with your Anti-Virus!

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