Networks Plus received a phone call from PSEG today advising that our electric would be shut off if we did not make a payment. Our wonderful book-keeper took a message and called back because she knew that our account was current because had set up a direct withdraw.

She called back PSEG and the automatic answering message sounded like PSEG. She then spoke to a representative who advised her to make a payment today at a CVS in order to avoid a shutoff.

She told them that they are not strong holding Networks Plus for money since they already withdrew the money from our account and proceeded to ask for a manager.

The “manager” told her the same thing—-we had to make a payment…. something was not correct and it seemed weird to our book-keeper. She looked up our current invoice and we were current.

We then called the PSEG number on the bill and immediately the message said please be aware of a phone scam requesting immediate payment.

Please be aware of this scam the phone number is: 1-844-331-3291