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In Sanskrit, “yoga” means “to yoke” and is often translated in English as “union” or “connection.”  To many, yoga is the union of Mind, Body, and Spirit.  Spiritual Revolution is the union of Eco-friendly Yoga Mats, Art, and Philanthropic Causes to raise energetic frequency during asana practice and meditation.  Spiritual Revolution’s artwork is carefully selected from the most talented famous and aspiring artists and designers who are in alignment with Spiritual Revolution’s goals.

Spiritual Revolution and its artists give back to the community by partnering with non-profit organizations, cleaning up the environment from toxic plastic pollution, and spreading the healing benefits of yoga to all.  This is our Earth.  We only get one.  This is your body.  You only get one.  We get to write the history of how we treat and respect each.  But we must be educated first.  Knowledge is the greatest power for change.  Yoga and meditation have been proven time and again to be some of the best tools for health, emotional balance, stress management, trauma and PTSD management, healing, and recovery.

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Spiritual Revolution Yoga
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Spiritual Revolution Yoga is a company of artists bringing inspiration to our fellow practitioners by putting gallery-quality artwork on eco-friendly yoga mats. Our images are one-of-a-kind and are each designed by professional artists.  We give back to the community by partnering with non-profit organizations and are helping the environment through education about and eradication of the harmful effects of PVC yoga mats.

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