Serenity Home Infusion Services
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Serenity Home Infusion Solutions, Inc. is corporate office based in Sewell, New Jersey and we provide in-home care to patients that need specialty treatment via intravenously.  This company would like to make that difference in the lives of patients that are in need of infusion therapies.  Many researchers have performed studies that indicate patients do heal faster when they are in an environment that is comfortable and trustworthy.  The patient base for this type of therapy sustains very serious and chronic illnesses; therefore, it is imperative that a staff is retained that is well-equipped to handle the mental status along with the physical status of our patients and Serenity Home Infusion Solutions, Inc., strives to hire the best in qualitative staff members.  We provide state Certified Infusion Nurses to our patient base so they may enter the home and run the intravenous medications in a safe and controlled environment.  It is the mission of this organization to promote a spiritually-focused holistic approach to care.

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