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Blue means you can buy

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You’ll start seeing buyable Pins all over Pinterest—in your home feed, on boards you love, and in search results.


What are buyable pins?


Buyable pins are a new feature Pinterest is unveiling that allows shoppers to buy products directly from the Pinterest App. When a Pin has a blue price, that means you can buy it. When the user taps the blue “Buy It” button they will be able to pick the size, color, etc. of the item they would like to buy.  Pinterest is working with Apple Pay and experienced payment processors to make sure credit card info is secure.


What does this mean for sellers?

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Pinterest is an amazing platform that sellers can use to get their products viewed by consumers.  There are over 70 million users on Pinterest.  An estimated 85% of those users are female.

It is estimated that 25% of users purchased something they saw on Pinterest and spent an average $140-$180 on each order. The buy it button will eliminate most of the hassle of online purchasing.  The consumer can simply click the button and place their order instead of tracking down the seller’s website.

For now, small businesses can start using buyable pins with either Shopify or Demandware.

These new mobile commerce features make online shopping simpler for customers, and social media selling better and faster for businesses.

On a similar note…

Instagram now also offers a Shop Now button on sponsored posts. The button appears only on sponsored posts, so businesses will need an advertiser account to use it. It doesn’t let merchants sell directly on the platform, but instead takes customers to merchants’ websites using a minibrowser within the Instagram app.