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Have you jumped on the web based deliverable meal bandwagon? I have and I absolutely love it! Every week I get a nice package delivered right to my door with fresh ingredients that help me make dinner. These programs have taught me a lot about cooking. I have remade several of the meals that we have ordered. I have found that we waste so much food during the week. These programs send you exact proportions for each meal. This has also taught me how to properly shop for proportions on my own. I tend to over buy everything, therefore wasting. I can go online and pick the meals for the week. There is no planning involved! It’s wonderful!

I have personally tried two out of the four websites that I am going to discuss.  There are many pros and cons to each company.

Hello Fresh

  • 5 Options available (you pick 3)
  • Veggie box option (you cannot chose what they send you)
  • 4 plans are offered:
    • 3 Classic Meal box for 2 $69.00 per week
    • 3 Classic Meal box for 4 $129.00 per week
    • Vegetarian Meal box for 2 $59.00 per week
    • Vegetarian meal box for 4 $109.00 per week
  • Delivery in most areas Monday-Friday
  • Free delivery

Home Chef (my personal favorite)

  • 10-12 meal choices per week
  • You can choose as many meals as you would like (it is ala cart)
  • Free delivery over orders of $40, Shipping is $10 for orders under $40
  • Offers subscriptions for vegetarian and vegan, as well gluten-free and dairy-free.
  • Delivery available on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday
  • This company offers recipes that suit even the pickiest of eaters
  • $30 off your first order by clicking here

Blue Apron

  • Offers 6 meal choices
  • More geared for fancier pallets with options like lamb burger, tandoori-spiced chicken, and cod and miso soba noodles
  • This company allows you to see the next 4 week’s menu selection
  • Shipping is always free
  • 2 Plans are offered:
    • 2-person plan
      • 3 meals per week
      • $9.99 per person per meal
      • $59.94 total per week
    • Family plan
      • 4 or 2 meals per week
      • $8.74 per person per meal
      • $139.84 total per week
  • Has a section on the site that allows you to shop for kitchen tools, specialty salt, pepper, and olive oil, and cookbooks
  • Blue Apron delivers Tuesday – Friday in most locations, and select locations are eligible for Monday and Saturday deliveries.


  • 9 meal choices
  • Option for dessert (which no other company on this list has)
      • 2 recipes (4 total plates) = $48 per week ($6 shipping)
      • 3 recipes (6 total plates) = $72 per week  (Free shipping)
      • 4 recipes (8 total plates) = $96 per week (Free shipping)3 Plans available:


Some of the delicious meals I have made so far…

Home Chef: French-Cut Chicken Breast:


Home Chef: Dijon- and Panko-Crusted Chicken:


Home Chef:  Parisian Bistro Steak:


Hello Fresh: Burst Tomato and Squash Fusilli:

IMG_0302 (1)