The Burlington County Regional Chamber of Commerce (BCRCC) supports a culture where members build meaningful relationships to help advance their business opportunities through high-quality educational events and high-level networking. BCRCC fosters regional economic growth by connecting more than 500 businesses and 30,000 employees with unlimited opportunity to promote a healthy business climate. The organization invests in the future by empowering young professionals with a unique mentoring program that builds essential skills and relationships.

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The Chamber required a new website which was not only more appealing to the eye, but easier to navigate for visitors and administrators for the website. As a result, Networks Plus worked to make a design more vibrant in color that incorporated their new rebranding of the organization (which included both new color palette and logo!) along with images of the region. The navigation was also condensed into categories that covered their updated tagline: Connect, Grow, Succeed, making pages better organized and easier to find.

The home page was reorganized to pull alternate features to the attention of visitors; more focus was brought to both new members and featured members, as well as upcoming events and news. Working with, the website was able to incorporate their own inline pages without any decrease in performance.

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