IT Service Details

Virus and Malware Removal

Is your computer slowing down or getting weird popups and messages? Being redirected to random websites, or told to call into “tech support”?

You might have a virus, or malware problem! Networks Plus can help remove it, as well as give you preventative solutions for the future so that your data stays safe.

PC Repair

Whether at your home or office, or in our labs, Networks Plus diagnoses and repairs most problems with minimal down time. Our technicians provide you with the best and most immediate service and support.

We offer clear explanations that do not require a technical degree to understand, leaving you in the know of what needs to be done.

Network Support & Troubleshooting

Cyber security is at critical mass!

Our technicians at Networks Plus are trained to monitor, evaluate, and solve any problem that arises within your network.

Network support and troubleshooting includes:

  • Performing upgrades to existing hardware
  • Installing and configuring new hardware
  • Troubleshooting
  • Performing Network Tuning
  • Answering any technical questions

PC and Network Upgrades

Feel like it’s time to grow?

A slow, freezing computer, or inept Internet access are key indicators your equipment or network devices are due for an upgrade.

We quickly diagnose performance and connection failures, using the best practice techniques before recommending upgrades or replacements.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Always make sure you’re prepared for the worst.

In the event of a disaster, Networks Plus implements an immediate action plan to restore server or network functionality with minimal downtime through utilizing techniques such as bare metal backups – preventing extended recovery time.

Our disaster plans involve more than just backing up your data: We prepare for any unexpected hardware and software failure, and more.

Data Recovery

Data recovery and backups are the most important part of any business’ disaster recovery plan. Having daily or weekly backups are essential to safeguarding yourself against very real threats that can cripple operations and stability.

Networks Plus utilizes a variety of backup solutions that will fit your business, whether it be with removal media, cloud storage or a larger enterprise solution.

Call us today to find out your company needs.

Data Security

Keep your data safe.

The strategic security framework from Networks Plus includes Threat Tracking, Vulnerability Assessment, Anti-Virus services and more.

Offsite Backups

Networks Plus’ Offsite Backups provides an additional level of data protection for small to medium-sized organizations. We automate the backup process, ensuring critical data is always secure and available at any time of the day.

Our remote backup service is an important part of a responsible data protection plan: It can make sure your business is safe from the kind of catastrophic failure that destroys vital records. You can replace inventory, your premises, your cars, and even your hardware almost overnight, but data on your computers or hard drives are much more vulnerable.

Talk to us about smart and cost-effective solutions for you.

Server and Virtualization


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