What are Hosted PBX and VOIP?

For starters, they will save your business time and money with minimal effort on your part. Second, these solutions provide premium communication features, normally reserved for big business, and make them easy to manage. VOIP stands for, voice over internet protocol, and simply means your phones are powered by your internet connection rather than a copper line. Hosted PBX means that you do not need a dedicated phone closet with expensive hardware that cost thousands to maintain. With our service, your communications move to the cloud and even if your internet goes down, you won’t miss a call with the ability to route your important calls anywhere you see fit. When Hurricane Sandy struck the East Coast, businesses were down for days, weeks, even months in some cases. When you ask yourself, “how long can my business go without communication?” I guarantee the answer is based on hours, not days or weeks.

Can this these technologies grow with my business?

You will no longer have to wait weeks for a technician to make adjustments to your existing phone closet or add another phone number to accommodate growth. With our Hosted PBX and VOIP service, if you don’t need another phone number, just purchase a phone add an extension to your existing service. It doesn’t matter how big or small your operation is, this solution is completely scalable to your needs.

What features are included with the service?

Most “phone companies” charge extra for features beyond simply making and receiving phone calls. With our Hosted PBX and VOIP services, you will be able to enjoy, auto attendant, emergency call routing, voice mail to email, find me, and much more. The best part is that you don’t have to wait for someone to set them up. Your phone system can be completely customized by you with our support and training.