Here’s two notable mentions around the World Wide Web that we thought seemed interesting, or even useful to your every day routines!

This Interactive Logo Responds to Sounds and Voice –

Fast Co.Design writes about a telecom company’s logo that they reworked with not only an updated look, but a special new feature — It changes the color and shape based on the sound of a customer’s voice it detects. The hues respond to the the tone of the voice:

Quiet, low voices create a calm blue color whereas loud, high voices create a more wild and colorful variations. Volume increases the size of the logo, while pitch changes colors and shape. “There was some intense creative science going on at one point,” Butler says about their choice of color, “but in the end we simplified it, choosing colors based on intuition and basic color theory.” 2016-04-25 10-02-33


Let Google Help You with Your Goals —

If you’re a usual user of Google Calendar, you might have noticed the push lately for reminders, to-do notices, and goals on your calendar. From Google itself, their newest feature they speak of on their blog is Goals. This lets you add personal goals, choose how much you’d like to work at it in a week, and it’ll analyze your calendar’s scheduled events to figure out when the best times for you to work at your goals. They even automatically reschedule as you add new events that might conflict.

Goals adjust to your busy life
Goals aren’t easy—especially when the unexpected comes up—but Calendar can help you adjust in a number of important ways. For example, Calendar will automatically reschedule if you add another event that’s a direct conflict with a goal.

You can make use of this on your Android or iPhone device, by downloading the Google Calendar App.


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