abandon-21907_640The world is a very dangerous place for the internet… Imagine you are in a dark alley everywhere that you go – and you’re not even aware that you’re in a potentially bad place!

Many people use cloud based services for ( what they thought ) was protection with convenience – but as you know, nothing is 100% safe from the dangers online.

Recently, LastPass – a cloud-based password vault – was hacked and access was gained to the encrypted passwords of many people. This is the equivalent of a robber breaking into the vault with nothing left but the combination to your safety deposit box… and he has all day to try at the lock. They might not have direct access to all of your accounts connected to your LastPass account, but should they guess that master password? Well, you don’t have to imagine it.

If you use this service, you should not only change your LastPass Master Password, but the passwords to all of the locations that you had in their vaults, despite their recommendations. Never hurts to be too safe.