We often encourage our clients to set up business accounts on social media platforms, since it helps your SEO, and is a great FREE marketing tool. The question that is always asked is “What if someone writes a negative review on the page?”

We’ve talked to many businesses that don’t want to use social media because they can’t control who posts on their page or prevent people from posting, whether it’s good or bad. While you can’t control what people will say about you or your business, you can control how you respond to their comments.

If someone does post something negative about your business on Facebook or Twitter, we recommend that you respond with something like: “We’re sorry your experience wasn’t great. Please call us at 123-456-7890 so we can discuss a solution to remedy this situation.”

Chances are, the person that is writing negative things about you is a client or customer that you already know is a problem. Instead of responding out of anger and frustration at the client, be poliete and ask them to call you so you can figure out a way to solve their problem. Chances are they won’t call you, but it makes you look good to anyone viewing that comment. And the best part is, that no one will find out that you never talked to that person and fixed their problem since you asked them to call you. Taking the issue offline is the safest way to handle an angry customer.