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How important is a redesign? In short, VERY. Keeping up with the current trends and styles makes your business have a more professional feel. If you have noticed, all the major brands have done redesigns. This keeps customers interested and intrigued. Let me put it this way, when you see yourself from an old photo and think “Oh my goodness what was I thinking!” you know you were in style back in the day. If you were to walk down the street in a shellsuit today, you would probably be going to an 80s halloween party. Some things are timeless. Some trends resurface. Keep your company’s look new and updated and your customers will see that you care about your business.

Networks Plus has undergone many redesigns in the past few years. Here are a few:

2003 Design:

This was Networks Plus first website.


Networks Plus went through a redesign in 2008.  You can see technology improving in those 5 years.

Networks Plus

The second redesign for Networks plus came in 2013. It was a cleaner design with a lot of information available.

1Networks Plus

2016 brought our latest redesign and it is our favorite! We have completely transformed our site into a modern, clean, easily navigated website. We love it!

Networks Plus South Jersey IT and Web Services

Networks Plus recommends a redesign about every 3-5 years. Technology has continued to improve and get better, make sure your company doesn’t fall behind on the trends!


Caity Kinslow

Caity Kinslow

Graphic Designer, Web Designer

Graduate from Arcadia University, Caity serves as the main editor and blog writers for the team with a focus on Social Media trends and day-to-day tech based topics. Having a natural eye for layout and color, she is the the Graphic and Web Designer of the team with a specialty in Photoshop and InDesign.