Voip Blog

What is VoIP?  VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol.

If you are familiar with VoIP, you know that it will save you money and improve the way you do business. If you are not sure about making the switch, consider these hidden benefits to using VoIP.

Cloud Based Phone Service:

Having your phone service tied into your PC or a mobile device is sometimes called UC or, Unified Communications and it provides you with more than just voice service.  We all know that a successful business, no matter what the size, relies on open communication.  The more we speak to each other and our clients, the more productive we are.

With a cloud based phone service you can….

  • Chat with other employees and get instant answers to questions without putting your customer on hold.

Chat makes it easy to get answers fast without having the client or coworker wait.

  • See real-time availability of other employees in the dashboard or on the phone itself, without wasting time calling their extension and waiting for an answer.

In this screen shot, you can see that Myra and Jason are both on calls.

  • By logging into the easy to use web interface, you can quickly make changes to your phone system from any device.
  •  Below is a short video to show that with a few clicks, you can change your call routing from your main number to an outside number, such as a cell phone or home phone, in the case of an emergency.  You can also have this option set ahead of time, that way, if the internet or power should be interrupted, you still receive your calls.



Outlook and Salesforce Integration:

Integration with Outlook not only gives you access to call history but will provide a screen pop-up to let you know who’s calling.

If you use Salesforce to manage your client information, you can have that information at your fingertips and ready when a customer calls.  They will appreciate that you remember every purchase and interaction before you pick up the phone.

Video Conferencing:

Video conferencing is a great way to keep in touch and can come in handy when trying to close a deal.  Being able to read body language and facial expressions are some of the best ways to tell if you are making a connection.  There are inexpensive ways to make a face to face meeting happen, regardless of geographic location.

The possibilities are endless so, which hidden benefits could improve the way you do business?