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Have you ever googled a company or business, and saw a popup to the right that lists their information? It often includes some photos, reviews, directions and contact information – this is one of Google’s many services: Google+Local, or as now rebranded, Google My Business.


screenshotmybusinessWhen you have ownership over your listings, it makes it easy to ensure that your address, phone number and website is listed correctly in a prominent location in the search results (third party directories are another story, however.) With your Google+ Page that comes with it, you can then add photos and article updates about any news and events coming up, all managed in one easy place.

So why and how should you claim your business in this listing?

Without verifying and claiming your business, the only way edits can be made is to select “Suggest An Edit”, which… well, only suggests a change. Sometimes Google responds quickly and will make the change, while other times it can take weeks or in worst case scenario, be silently ignored.

Verification is easy, so long that at least one of the pieces of contact information on the listings are correct. With a phone number, you are immediately called by Google and given a verification code to enter. This is the fastest way to get your account set up. The other? If you can’t seem to get the phone method to work, you have the other option of having a postcard with a verification code printed on it sent to you. This method isn’t exactly recommended – mostly because it can take a week or two (or more!) to get it in the mail… and on top of that, you only have 30 days to use the code, too.

Once you have the account created, you’ll be able to link it to a Google+ Page (we recommend you create a separate Google account for your business!) and all of the content on it. Having one of these will help boost your presence on Google, as well as be yet another place to be seen online!

Elisha Thomas

Elisha Thomas

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