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PSE&G Phone Scam

Networks Plus received a phone call from PSEG today advising that our electric would be shut off if we did not make a payment. Our wonderful book-keeper took a message and called back because she knew that our account was current because had set up a direct withdraw....

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How-To: Saving videos from Facebook

Ever saw a neat video on Facebook and wanted to save a copy for yourself on your PC? Through normal native means, it's not possible unless you are the person who uploaded the video. However, there's a workaround for this that makes it possible. Just as a disclosure,...

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N+ Recommends… Pixabay

In need of a high quality image for your next publication or post? Don’t rely on images that might be owned, by going to Google Images – instead check out one of Networks Plus’s favourite royalty-free image sites, Pixabay.

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Tech Trends for 2017

Top Tech trends you will see in 2017  Blue tooth headphones Wireless headphones allow the user to use headphones but not be stuck to their device. This design allows the headphones to stay together so you don't lose one! Amazon: $22.99  Travel power bank Using our...

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Networks Plus 2017 Valentine’s Day

Elisha's Valentine, Lars:   Chuck's Valentine, Eileen:   Christine's Valentine, Alex:   Kayla's Valentine, Tia:   The Caruso Family Valentines:   Caity's Valentines, Matt & Otis:   Louise's Valentines Bernie and her granddaughters:...

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N+ Recommends…: ShareX

Ever find yourself needing to take lots of screenshots on the go, whether to save to your computer or share to someone else on the net? In our office it's a common occurrence for us - sometimes we're explaining steps to a customer, making a training booklet, or just...

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5 Our Favorite Websites

1. Down for everyone or just me This website allows you to see if a website is down for everyone or just you!    2. What To Read Next Ever wonder what to read next? We use this website to help us narrow down our next read! 3. This is Why I'm Broke This website is...

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