VOIP and Hosted Communications provide great benefits to businesses of all sizes.  In this post, we will take a look at 5 of the most obvious ways that hosted communications will save you time and money but, since “time is money”, I guess they are one in the same.  If your business is not already realizing the advantages of this great technology and you are on the fence about making the switch, hopefully this post will provide that last little nudge.

1. Hardware

We’ll start with the obvious savings which is in the hardware, or lack of hardware, needed for a hosted solution.  You don’t need a dedicated phone closet with thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment in it to run your communications.  All you need is the phones and an internet connection to make it work.

2. Monthly and Maintenance

Next we’ll talk about the short and long term savings monthly compared to a traditional system.  Copper lines from the phone company are expensive to maintain and the cost is passed on to your business.  It is also becoming more unreliable by the day due to aging equipment.  You do not want to be there when it’s time to replace your lines, trust me.  VOIP is much less to maintain and the features are either included or can be added at a fraction of the cost.

3. Flexibility

Upgrading your new phone system is extremely cost effective too.  If a new employee joins the team, you don’t have to stress about the cost of giving them a phone and a direct number.  With our Hosted PBX, you can purchase a phone, add a phone number, and be operational by the time the employee starts their first day.  If an employee is let go, you have the power to change the name and passwords associated with that extension by using our user-friendly website.  Time is money so by taking control of your businesses communications and making changes in a timely manner, you save money.

4. Support

Your business can’t afford to experience downtime and with a traditional phone system, there is no telling how long you could be waiting for a technician.  With the power of the portal (phone software accessed on the web), you can make sure not a single phone call is missed or goes unanswered!  If the problem is too big for someone in your office to handle, the issue can be resolved in the cloud without having a technician onsite.

5. Increased Revenue

Ok, so this one isn’t about saving money but, increasing your income is even more important.  It doesn’t matter what type of business you own, you are in sales.  Everyone knows that this world operates at light speed and you can’t afford to miss calls from customers.  With Hosted Communications, you have endless possibilities when it comes to keeping in touch with clients and that will lead to more money in your pocket.