A few months ago, I switched from an Android phone to a Windows phone. I accidentally killed my Android phone and needed a new phone quickly. Unfortunately, I wasn’t planning on needing a new phone for a while, so a fancy phone wasn’t in my budget. So for around $100 I got a Nokia Lumia 635 Windows phone.

I was curious to see how a Windows phone worked, and if I would like it as my phone. I quickly realized that there are so many built in features that I didn’t know about!

1. Text Replies

Getting calls when you can’t talk is the worst! With a windows phone you can set 4 text replies that you can send to someone when you can’t talk to them. To turn this option on or edit the replies go to Settings > Phone and you will see the option to enable this feature and edit the replies.

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2. Data Sense

I don’t know about you, but I’m always going over my data limit! Data Sense lets you view how much data you are using and allows you to set monthly limits to help you not go over your plan’s limit. From your start screen, swipe to the right and open the app Data Sense.

3. Kid’s Corner

Do your kids always want to play games on your phone, but you’re worried about them getting into the wrong things? Than this is for you! Kid’s Corner allows to to determine what music, apps, games, and videos are appropriate for your child. You can even block them from making calls, making this feature perfect for people with curious children in their lives. From your lock screen swipe from right to left to enter the Kid’s Corner.

4. Customizing Your Home Screen

You have the normal tile view, where you can see tiles in different colors, or all one color scheme but now there’s an even better option. You can pick a photo to be the background for your tiles. Please note that not all the tiles will show your picture, some of the third party apps such as Twitter and Instagram, have their own background.
By pressing and holding on a tile, you can change the size and location of it. You can also create folders and pin them to the start with apps inside them. To change the options of your start screen, go to settings > Start + theme

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5. Built in Battery Saver

I love this feature! Not only does it tell you exactly how long your battery will last, you can tell it when to kick in! This feature has really helped me when my battery was low and I couldn’t charge my phone. You can also see the usage, which is handy to learn which apps are draining your battery. To edit these settings, go to your Apps list and find Battery Saver.


6. Block Calls and Texts

This feature is awesome for anyone who gets those annoying telemarketer calls! To block a number, open the call history list and simply tap and hold. You will see a menu that pops up saying Details, delete, block number, or add to speed dial list. Click block number and you’re done!

If you want to view the list of block numbers, go to Settings > call + SMS filter and click on blocked numbers. This is also where you go to initially turn on this feature.

7. Text Your Location

This is awesome for when you are trying to meet up with someone and don’t know exactly where they are. You can send your location through a text message, making it really easy for them to find you! You start a normal text message, hit the paperclip icon, and select “my location” in the drop-down.

8. What Song is This?

Have you ever heard a song on the radio and not known the name or musician but want to know? Now using Cortona, you can! In Cortona, you can click on the music notes, and you will see a screen that says listening for music. Once Cortona hears the music, she will tell you the name of the song, the album it’s on and who the artist is.

9. Cortona


Now, I know that the Iphone has Siri and Androids’ have Google, but I absolutely love Cortona! She recommends places to eat near me, with pricing and the rating, the latest news, even the weather all on one screen. I can also tell her to set reminders and alarms for me, or even to take notes. I love this feature when I’m not at my desk and can’t write things down.

10. Listen to the radio

This is a really cool feature that comes with a windows phone. Slowly drag your finger left or right over the station frequency. This will allow you to “fine tune” to a specific frequency. You need use headphones when are using the app, the double as an antenna.