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Netflix Phishing Scam

A new scam has surfaced recently targeting Netflix users----which is basically the large majority of us. The scam tells the user that their account has been disabled because of a billing issue and asks that you enter your bank account information to fix the issue....

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Domain Name Scam

Here we go again. Yet ANOTHER domain name scam. This scam was forwarded to us by one of our clients. They did not recognize the sender so they questioned the integrity of the email and forwarded it to us. Luckily they didn't get duped into paying this fee. Be aware....

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New Soliciting Scam

Below you will find a document that one of our clients received from a company that they have never worked with. This company "Domain Listings" is soliciting their business by sending this sort of letter. At first glance many people would assume this was their annual...

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The Most Annoying Facebook Scams

Facebook has become a go-to venue for scammers. Here are some of the most popular and annoying Facebook scams. Know better do better! The Cloned Profile Scam Have you ever gotten a friend request from someone you know you are already friends with? Scammers are now...

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PSE&G Phone Scam

Networks Plus received a phone call from PSEG today advising that our electric would be shut off if we did not make a payment. Our wonderful book-keeper took a message and called back because she knew that our account was current because had set up a direct withdraw....

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How-To: Saving videos from Facebook

Ever saw a neat video on Facebook and wanted to save a copy for yourself on your PC? Through normal native means, it's not possible unless you are the person who uploaded the video. However, there's a workaround for this that makes it possible. Just as a disclosure,...

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N+ Recommends… Pixabay

In need of a high quality image for your next publication or post? Don’t rely on images that might be owned, by going to Google Images – instead check out one of Networks Plus’s favourite royalty-free image sites, Pixabay.

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